Hello my name is Sheryl

Since the beginning of my journey into massage I have learned and trained in many different modalities, bringing new techniques to the massage table. My focus is relieving pain and stress from the body and mind. Creating a feeling of Health, Joyfulness and well being to the individual. My nature is curious, joyful, and creative. The name Laughing Bear was given to me by my Shaman Reiki Master Mentor in 2001 and has stayed with me all these years. I love to laugh and have the Strength of Bear which is Introspection. Looking in at ourselves can be a "scary" painful experience but when you come through the other side, its like a rebirth. A journey well worth it. Life is a journey and its how we walk the road of this journey that matters.

My office is located in Pottstown

It is a safe and welcoming, sacred space dedicated to the emergence of Human potential and your Authentic Self.

My Credentials

  • Mastery Facilitator Higher Brain living 2014
  • Reiki Master 2001
  • Graduated from Owens Institute 1995
  • I am a member of ABMP, my License # is MSG002946
  • ...and a whole lot of other stuff in between!
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Call 484-302-1502 to make an appointment.